Preparation to Administer Screens

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Updated at May 28th, 2021

Daily Checklist 

Pre Screen Setup Checklist

This takes approximately 15-30 minutes.

  • If applicable retrieve key for locked storage cabinets or room from security office/desk. 
  • Turn on tablet/computer and check email, the list of appointments for the day, or make sure the spreadsheet is up to date if your process is manual. Review for any last minute changes or discrepancies. Notify the Pilot Site Manager of any issues.
  • Wipe down all tables and chairs in the testing station(s) with disinfectant spray and paper towels.
  • Plug in and turn on the analyzer(s) if the screening process requires an analyzer.
  • Retrieve all PPE and screen kits from locked storage and place items needed for the day on the results table(s). Ensure to grab only the estimated amount of kits for the day.
  • If kits have been refrigerated or stored at temperatures below 15℃ allow the kits to adjust to room temperature for a minimum of 30 minutes prior to using. Do not open cartridge packaging or reagent/buffer solutions until they have adjusted to room temperature.
  • Ensure each testing station has empty recycle and garbage bins and a hazardous waste container. Contact Facilities Manager if they weren’t emptied overnight.
  • If required perform Calibration of the Analyzer(s) based on manufacturer’s instructions. Calibration to be done every 30 days on each analyzer or after not using an analyzer for 30 days. Record date of calibration in the Daily Log.
  • If required perform control swab procedure, referring to the Controls Testing Methods outlined in the manufacturer’s instructions. Record date, lot and results of the controls testing in the Daily Log.
  • Confirm with other trained personnel and results managers that everyone is ready to start screening patients. If there are multiple testing stations, review who will start with which patient and begin screening patients.
  • If third party services have been hired to administer the screens or assist in the pilot, ensure they have arrived and checked in prior to starting. 

Post Screen Close Checklist

This takes approximately 15-30 minutes.

  • Place all unused test kits into locked storage cabinets or in a locked storage room. All test kits to be stored between 15-30℃. Do not allow kits to freeze.
  • Place all unused PPE into lockable storage cabinets or into a lockable room.
  • Ensure storage is locked.
  • Place all opened test kit items such as extraction buffer/reagent into medical waste disposal.
  • Dispose of all empty boxes into recycling.
  • Check the inventory list and note any items that are below the minimum inventory list on the Inventory List. Contact Facility Manager to place an order for these items immediately. Regular weekly orders to be placed each Friday. Refer to 3.3.5 Inventory Control and 3.3.6 Ordering Inventory.
  • Wipe down all walls, tables, chairs and doorknobs with disinfectant spray and paper towels. Dispose of paper towels in a biohazard waste container. Turn off laptop or tablet and ensure data is saved.
  • Turn off lights and lock doors if applicable.
  • Return the key to security.
  • Complete the daily log and store it in the locked storage cabinet or in a locked storage room.

Daily Log

The Daily Log should be completed by the lead trained personnel, with input from other key members involved in setup, operation and close of the screening stations.

Daily Log - [Company Name] - Pilot Site [XX]

CDL Rapid Screening Consortium



Completion Time


Trained Personnel on Site


Pilot Site Manager


Please use the sections below to highlight any concerns or comments from your Pilot Site Screening Station:

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