Communicating Negative Test Results

Written By CDL Rapid Screening Consortium (Super Administrator)

Updated at April 30th, 2021

Once the Results Manager has received the screen results and recorded the information they should immediately inform the employee of the results.

If Using the CDL RSC App

Results Manager inputs the screen type and screen result into the CDL RSC App and then chooses ‘Proceed To Checkout’.

Upon submission of the result, an automatic notification is generated, which notifies the screened participant that their screen results are now available in the CDL RSC App. 

The screened participant must log-in to the CDL RSC App and select ‘View My Results.’

If Using the CDL RSC Excel Template

Retrieve employee contract information from the program central database and email them their screen results. Recommendation is to use the same communication method for both positive and negative results and therefore email is the best option. Below is the recommended info to include in the communication to the participant with a negative result. Organizations may choose to use less or more information as applicable to their pilot.

  • Full name of employee
  • Date of birth of employee
  • Type of test - Antigen screening test for COVID-19
  • Time and date of the screen
  • Result of the screen
  • Reminder - the test result is not a diagnosis and they must continue to employ public health measures such as physically distance, use a mask and practice good hand hygiene.
  • Remind the employee that all public health recommendations and local restrictions must continue to be followed.
  • Remind the employee that if they develop any symptoms to follow public health guidance and get tested at a provincial/local assessment centre. 
  • Who to contact with questions.

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