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Written By CDL Rapid Screening Consortium (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 4th, 2021

The CDL Rapid Screening Consortium is a private-led, not-for-profit initiative formed in August 2020 with the goal of establishing a robust rapid screening system and operational implementation strategy to be delivered as a public good to Canada and then the world. The Consortium is led by Creative Destruction Lab.

CDL RSC has developed a detailed onboarding process for any organization in Canada to deploy rapid screening in their workplace. The solution is sector-agnostic and easily translates to organizations of all sizes. Organizations will receive:

  1. Onboarding Support
  2. Kick-Off & Weekly Operations Meetings
  3. Scaling Guidance through Industry Partner “Buddy System”
  4. CDL RSC Operations Playbook and Resources
  5. Virtual Help Desk & Communication Tools
  6. Technical Support for Screening Data Intake

Below are resources available through the provincial, territorial, and federal governments for implementing a screening program in your workplace:

About the CDL Rapid Screening Program | Register for the Program

Please follow guidelines issued by your own province or territory and local public health authority to administer rapid screening programs at your workplace.

CDL RSC will continue to update its Playbook with additional resources as they become available.

Administering Screens

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