Your Leadership Counts

Written By CDL Rapid Screening Consortium (Super Administrator)

Updated at April 30th, 2021

Success in getting workers signed up to participate in workplace screening programs has been greatly influenced by visible and vocal leadership.

Key players at the top of the organization, CEOs, COOs, and CFOs, as well as leaders and managers at all levels should communicate the benefits of screening to their employees through a multitude of means, from direct e-mail to posting on social media and internal communications channels, as well as physical notices in the workplace. 

Just as importantly, they should themselves sign up and be seen undergoing the antigen test at the start of their organization’s screening program, and should follow up with additional screens at the approved intervals.

In unionized environments, union leaders and shop stewards should also be asked to lend their leadership voices and examples, as the screening programs fit in the core of their mandates of looking after their members’ welfare.

Direct engagement with workers has also led to increased participation. Leaders dropping in to workspaces and discussing the program reduces unknowns and concerns, and increases participation.

As always, the frequent engagement and re-engagement of leaders will ensure continued success in running effective screening programs in the workplace.

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